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My paintings show impressions of landscapes, seascapes, village-scapes and cityscapes based on my frequent travels. You might recognize Greece's Acropolis, France's Provence, Italy's sunflower fields, Antwerp's harbor, Manhattan skyline, Chicago and many other places. Enjoy a few of examples of my work.

Reach out to get price or any other information by sending me a message through the contact button and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Title and measurements (in inch) are given for each painting. 

City Reflections 2x36"x36"

Fields 40''x30''

Acropolis II 2x16''x20''

Bay Area 2x14''x11''

Purple Waters 24"*24"

Chicago 40''x31''

Blue Bridge 16''x24''

Manhattan 2x36"x36"

Harbor at Midnight 40''x30''

Gotham 2x36''x36''

Heavy Wind I 20''x20''

Imagination 40''x30''

Seaport on Fire 30''x40''

Indian Summer 16''x40''

Sunset in Village 30''x40''

The Mall 40''x16''

Inside Passage 30''x24''

Village in Sand Storm 16''x24''

Bridge 40''x30''

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