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Hi there! Thanks for visiting my site.

I love art – I breathe and live art in all what I do: decorating my home, presenting food on plates, painting and making jewelry. I get my inspiration for my painting and jewelry making with another love I have: traveling the world to visit people and discover cultures. My paintings show overlapping color fields based on impressions from landscapes, seascapes, villages and cityscapes on these travels. Integrated in some of my paintings are sculpted stylized figurative statues (called acrobats) that convey emotions of openness, communication and friendship. These acrobats can also be seen in some of my jewelry – the Jocale collection.

I have exhibited in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, and the USA, where I participated in several juried, group, and solo shows. My work also appeared in volume V of “International Contemporary Masters” 2011. On July 26 2014, my artwork was projected on a 25-story-tall billboard on Times Square, New York City.

I was born and raised in Belgium, where I earned a pedagogical degree in art. I received further art education in Antwerp (Belgium), California and New Jersey, USA. I live with my husband and four children close to New York, USA.

Interested in my jewelry? Visit my on-line web shop at Enjoy!

Interested in my small paintings? Visit my on-line web shop at Enjoy!

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